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6 Benefits of Getting a Facial – Pure Concept Salon + Spa

6 Benefits of Getting a Facial

Thanks to the internet, all the information you need about skin care is only a single click away. That may be the reason your bathroom is filled with skin care products- scrubs peels, etc.- that can be used for some serious cleaning. But while it is great to take care of your skin on your own, that doesn’t mean that you should stop seeking professional help.

Even though you might not suffer from acne or other skin conditions, facial when done by a professional esthetician, can improve your complexion. Not only this, there are numerous other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Extraction to Clear Pores

Who doesn’t want to extract pimples, pores and blackhead? Unfortunately, if extraction is done poorly it can cause facial scarring, acne flare-ups and broken capillaries. Extraction requires delicacy and needs to be done hygienically. A professional aesthetician can extract the gunk from your pores allowing your skin to breathe better, appear healthier and stay free of acne.

2. Dealing with Skin Changes

As seasons change, our skin changes with it and its needs vary depending on the humidity level, temperature and sunlight hours. A hydrating facial during winter will restore your dry skin, while summer facials will repair the damaged skin. When leaves begin to fall in autumn, facial will prevent your complexion from dropping and in spring, a facial will nourish your dry post-winter skin.

3. Relaxation

The good thing about facial is that it is not only good for your skin, but also provides a perfect opportunity for you to relax. A facial allows you to just lie back, find your comfort zone and leave your skin to be treated by professionals with the best products. Massages, hot towels and comfy beds are all included in this delicious experience.

4. Circulation

Blood circulation improves the skin appearance. You may be able to cleanse and tone at home, but you can never do the massage right on your own. Massage prevents aging skin that may appear tired, dull and lifeless. With massage, a professional esthetician hits the right spots for blood circulation so a professional facial can give you radiance and glow that you can never accomplish on your own.

5. Instant Results

When a facial is done right, the results show up on your skin immediately. If a big party is coming up and you need to look gorgeous, a professional facial is a must as it can give a boost to your complexion and restore its glow.

6. High Tech Treatments

Facials provide high tech treatments that can be performed only in a spa. For example, LED therapy treatment is quite popular as it kills bacteria, reduces redness, strengthens the skin and promotes collagen production.

All these reasons to get a professional facial and you’re still stuck with home skin care products. Stop damaging your skin with these products and visit a spa near you! Make an appointment today for some pampering at Pure Concept Salon and you’ll have glowing skin in just one visit.

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