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Are You Prepared for Spring Break? – Pure Concept Salon + Spa

Are You Prepared for Spring Break?

You’ve braved the snow, sleet and ultimate cold temperatures of winter. Your reward is that spring is just on the horizon — and so is spring break. Though vacation time has become synonymous with college students going to the beach, we think this is a time of the year that everyone should enjoy. Whether you are a college kid, are a parent of a student, or are just looking to treat yourself, visiting us before you embark on a trip will leave you completely rejuvenated.

The first thing people see when they greet you is your face. Why not emphasize your best features while you’re on spring break with one of our hair care services? Though you may not need a new ’do before hitting up the beach, highlights, a relaxer treatment or having your hair done for a special occasion can give you just the right look for your trip. We can even help you relax before jetting off on vacation with a scalp massage, mini facial or makeup refresher. If you aren’t entirely sure if you’re in need of a new look but want your hair to be in tiptop shape for spring break (or to celebrate the warmer weather coming), you can see all of the hair care services we offer here.

Since there is warmer weather in Ohio on its way (and we’re guessing wherever you may be heading has plenty of sunshine too), it’s time to shed those layers and also break out some sandals. Don’t be self-conscious about how your toes or fingernails look; we have every nail care service you can dream of! Manicures, pedicures, gel manicures, a nail mend or even a polish change can all be done at Pure Concept. Our technicians have the full spectrum of OPI and Essie® nail polishes at their disposal, meaning you have a plethora of options when choosing your new nail color. If you’re planning on walking quite a bit during your spring break adventures, take time to relax beforehand with a rejuvenation manicure or pedicure, or try one of our pedissages. Your extremities will thank you once your trip begins. View all of our nail care services here.

There may be one thing you’re dreading if you’re planning on having a week of fun in the sun: pale skin. We know cloudy, dreary winter days make everyone look alabaster and almost ghost-like. Not only can you look like you’ve spent all winter in the sun, you can do so without the damage the sun can cause to your skin. At our Kenwood location*, you can tan as much or as little as you like with Fantasy Tan®. The technicians in our spa are certified by Fantasy Tan® to give you the exact look you want. If you want to look like you spend every day in the sun’s rays, it can be done. Or if you prefer not to be dark, but don’t want to look like Snow White, our technicians can help you achieve that look as well. To learn more about Fantasy Tan® or to get more information on this service, click here.

If you’re heading to the ocean, to the city or maybe just relaxing at home during your spring break, going to the salon and spa is not only a way to prepare yourself for the warm spring weather, but it’s a great way to pamper yourself. And it’s not just college students who can indulge in our services; we feel everyone should have their hair, skin and nails ready for springtime. Please note, if you’re heading out of town for a trip, we advise prebooking your appointments for the week beforehand. And book early — appointments at either one of our salons can fill up fast during this time of the year. Book your appointment at either one of our locations today!

*Fantasy Tan® is only available at the Kenwood spa location.

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