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Our Top Travel Picks for Men – Pure Concept Salon + Spa

Our Top Travel Picks for Men

Continuing on from October, this month we’ll be focusing on men’s products. As Thanksgiving is this month, we feel the holiday season is already upon us, and that means traveling will be as well. When you’re leaving the comfort of home, it’s beneficial (and soothing) to have all of those creature comforts on the go. And let’s face it, making sure everything you travel with fits proper TSA protocol can be a pain. That’s why we here at Pure Concept have created this handy list of our favorite products in travel size for men’s skin and hair care — to make sure when you travel you’ll have all the items you need.

1. Hand Relief™ – With the weather getting not only colder, but also drier, keeping your skin from cracking can be somewhat tricky. It won’t be with Aveda’s Hand Relief™ Lotion. This isn’t just a favorite of women, it’s a favorite of guys as well. Infused with anti-oxidants and vitamins A and E, this lotion not only hydrates skin, it also improves elasticity levels in skin. And at 1.4 fluid ounces/40 mL, this tube is good to travel just about anywhere!

2. Botanical Kinetics™ Skin Care Starter Kit – Traveling can sometimes be stressful on a person. And that stress can appear on your skin. Don’t let the dry air of airplanes or being in the car all day stop you from washing your face. With both the dry/normal skin and oily skin starter sets of Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics™, your face will look and feel fresh on the go. Each of these sets comes with the complete 4-step skin care system in travel sizes, designed for different types of skin. All of the Botanical Kinetics™ line of products washes away impurities from your face with natural ingredients from plants to ensure dirt and oils are removed from your face in a healthy way.

3. Fill-ables™ – You may already have what you need for your upcoming trip; only, you don’t have it in travel size. There is no need to fret with the Aveda Fill-ables™ kit. This kit allows you to create your own travel-sized hair, skin and body products — straight from your Aveda liter (or other sized bottle) at home, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to take a liter bottle with you while traveling. With four bottles and one jar that all meet TSA travel limits of 3.4 ounces or less, these clear containers just need to be filled in order for you to use them. Plus, this kit comes with a spray pump for those liquids that need them. The best part is the reusable toiletry bag along with the bottles and jar are all made from recycled materials, allowing you to indulge in your favorite Aveda products peacefully.

Traveling to see family and friends shouldn’t set you back from looking your best — and that includes all men who use Aveda products as well. To keep those creature comforts with you (and to sooth yourself after experiencing travel woes), travel-sized Aveda products are the best bet for anyone.


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