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Prepare for the Wax!

Shaving cream and a razor can definitely get rid of those unnecessary hairs. However, if you want smoother and sexier skin to rock those bikinis, waxing is the best option. Waxing removes hair and guarantees smoother hair-free skin for longer periods.

Some women prefer waxing at home as it is more convenient. However, it won’t provide you the same results as a professional waxing at a salon. So, if you want to have a completely safe and hygienic wax, seek out assistance of a professional. However, before you book your appointment at a saloon, read these tips.

1. Consult with a Doctor

Wax may contain some artificial fragrances and ingredients which can have an adverse affect on your skin. Therefore, consult with your dermatologist or doctor to determine if your skin is capable of handling waxing.

2. Tell the Waxer Everything

Once you have determined that waxing is safe for you, it is essential to inform your esthetician about your skin sensitivities, allergies and topical creams you’re using prior to waxing. This will allow your esthetician to choose the wax that is appropriate for your skin.

3. Embrace Yourself for the Pain

When it comes to waxing, pain is inevitable. No matter what you do and how much you prepare yourself, you cannot avoid it. However, experts say that pain during waxing can be minimized through a number of ways. For example, avoiding pain triggers like caffeine, alcohol and exercise few days before the appointment can reduce pain and make the process more bearable for you. Exercise, caffeine and alcohol increase blood circulation in the body which makes the process more painful.

You can also take over-the-counter medication to manage pain. Pain relievers like Aleve or Advil can be taken 30 minutes before the appointment to reduce pain during wax.

4. Going to a Salon is a Better Option

There are many waxing kits that allow you to remove your hair at home. However, waxing provides the best results when done by the experts. Estheticians in salons are trained to carry out waxing safely and hygienically. They have spent years for acquiring certification in waxing. This means that they can be trusted for their service. Moreover, when you’re waxing at home, you may not be able to reach all the areas of your body. Some areas like underarms and bikini lines are overly sensitive and you may bruise them if you don’t wax correctly.

5. Be Cautious If You Are Waxing at Home

If you can’t go to a salon and want to do wax at home, be extra cautious while doing so. If you wax is too hot, it can cause discoloration and burns to your skin. Therefore, check its temperature. If it is too hot, wait for the wax to cool before applying it. Moreover, never wax your skin if it is sunburned, cut or inflamed.

If you’re interested in getting a professional wax, contact Pure Concept Salon today to book an appointment!

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