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Selecting the Perfect Bridal Makeover for Your Wedding Day – Pure Concept Salon + Spa

Selecting the Perfect Bridal Makeover for Your Wedding Day

Wedding is the biggest event in one’s life and so is the wedding day. Months of planning, uncountable dress fittings and several cake tastings lead down to the main day. Naturally, it’s every woman’s wish to look her most beautiful as a bride, that‘s why so many variations of the same white dress are tried before selecting one.

In all this hassle most brides take their bridal makeup for granted, hoping that they would randomly find the best makeup artist. But this can actually lead to disastrous results and that’s the last adjective any bride would want to be associated with her wedding day.

With the royal wedding already setting in the mood for all spring weddings, below is a quick guide to help all future brides select the best look.

1. Research and Decide Your Look

It is always a good idea to research on the look you want for your wedding day. The makeup tone is generally set according to the color of the dress although some brides like going for contrasting looks. When researching looks, take note that the facial features of the models are similar to yours to get a better insight of whether that look would suit you or not. You can also have friends browse through different styles with you to gain more opinions and shortlist 2 or 3 looks that you can discuss with the makeup artist later.

2. Researching About the Makeup Artist

After short listing your looks, start researching for makeup artists on the internet by prioritizing two important things — their dates of availability and location. It is advised to limit your search to only those artists who are available during your wedding dates.

After finding a few, visit their official websites and check their services and charges. Also go through their work portfolio to gain a better idea of whether they can do similar a style as your look and visit their social media handles to check client reviews. These reviews would mostly be honest because no one rants like a bride about how she either loved or hated her look.

3. Visiting Your Shortlisted Stylists

After finding your best suited makeup artists visits their salons with your previously shortlisted looks. You can discuss these looks along with your wedding dress and ask for their input about your look as well. It is recommended to keep an open mind when discussing your look with these artists as they are more experienced and you are way too excited to see things in colors other than red and white.

If the two of you are able to select a look, it’s best to go for a trial makeup session to get a preview of whether the look suits you or not. If it doesn’t then don’t freak out and try the next one. After finalizing on the basic makeup style, work with your makeup artist on how the final look would be including the hairstyles and accessories.

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