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Summer Skin Care

We love summer! But we’re not sure summer loves us back—at least when it comes to our skin. So in order for us to all get along and play nicely, we need to do what we can to protect our skin from the sun.

Start with a Kiss

We’re all pretty well trained to apply sunscreen before heading out for a day at the beach, but what about your lips? No one wants the yucky taste of sunscreen messing with their ice tea, even though we definitely want to protect the delicate skin on our lips. Simple solution: start with lip balm with SPF 15 or higher. Apply a layer of lip balm first, then your favorite color, shimmer or shine on top.

Scalp Spritz

If you’re in the sun for any longer than 30 minutes and you don’t want to don a sunhat, make sure you give your part a spritz. Your scalp is the most exposed part of your body and can burn easily. Not only will that make styling your hair painful tomorrow, you’re unnecessarily increasing your chances of developing skin cancer with repeated, unprotected exposure.

Choose Makeup with SPF

Rather than start over every time you need to reapply sunscreen, why not simplify the process by choosing make up with SPF? That way, when it’s time to freshen up your look, you’re also adding a new layer of sun protection. Perfect!

Go Wide

Choose a sunhat with a wide brim—something that will shade your whole face. Not only will you look as lovely as Kate Beckinsale, you’ll save your skin from sun exposure all day.

Love Those Antioxidants

Foods and skin creams with antioxidants are your allies all summer long. They’ll help keep your skin healthy and young looking, and they’ll help your body defend itself from sun damage. What’s not to love?

The Hands Have It

When you’re applying sunscreen to everything from the part in your hair to your smallest toe, don’t forget your hands! Our hands are exposed to the sun all the time, and it shows! Save your hands from premature aging by applying sunscreen at least as often as you do your face.

These tips should keep your skin looking great all summer and for years and years to come. But if you want more advice on how to look your best, stop in anytime!

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