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Treat Yourself to Soothing Skin Care

Ah, September. With the ninth month of the year comes the end-of-summer picnics, Labor Day festivities, back to school and the official start of fall. All of these activities can be stressful for a person. Relax, with these skin care remedies, you’ll have hydrated, refreshed skin that can face the toughest of stress.


Keeping skin healthy and getting rid of impurities starts with washing your face daily. Other brands may use chemicals in their cleansers, but with Aveda, products are plant based. Start your day with Aveda Botanical Kinetics™. Available in a gel cleanser for oily skin, or a crème cleanser for dry skin, this product covers all the bases when it comes to washing your face.

Makeup and other impurities stand no chance of being left behind with the Botanical Kinetics™ cleansers. Apply a small amount of the cleanser to the face and throat both in the morning and in the evening for optimum results. Rinse with warm water and pat your face dry. Being a plant-based product means there won’t be any perfume-like scent afterward; botanical kinetics gives off a fresh, herbal scent. Using this cleanser daily will leave faces smooth, supple and most importantly, happy.


Face it, when you stress out, you tend to break out. No one likes acne. To keep oil under control, clear blemishes and shrink the look of pores, there is one lotion that can pull this triple duty. Aveda’s Outer Peace™ Acne Relief Lotion is the moisturizer for the job. You’ll get no rubbing alcohol smell or sting when you apply the acne relief lotion because it is another plant-based product from Aveda.

Plants like tamanu, which is a plant traditionally used in the South Pacific for soothing dry or irritated skin, are infused in the Outer Peace™ Acne Relief Lotion for powerful results. Apply a thin layer to your face twice a day to help dry or oily skin balance itself out. All of the outer peace products are meant to clean and sooth skin in the gentlest ways possible.


Being out in the sun during those summer picnics can cause some hyperpigmentation in skin. Don’t let that get you down. That’s why there’s the Aveda Enbrightenment™ Brightening Treatment Toner. A 100 percent naturally derived plant product, this facial toner moisturizers and exfoliates skin with the help of mulberry roots and grape extracts. With ingredients like mulberry roots to slow the formation of melanin and lavender to soothe, skin clarity will greatly improve when using this product.

All skin types can rejoice; we have the toner that works on any skin. The Aveda Green Science™ Replenishing Toner helps minimize the appearance of pores while also exfoliating skin. One of our many products containing argan oil, an ingredient to help protect skin against harsh environmental conditions, this toner will help improve the tone and texture of your face. Apply once in the morning and once at night using a cotton pad or clean fingertips to see the best results from the Green Science™ Replenishing Toner. Say goodbye to pores in one month.

Back to school and the beginning of fall don’t have to be stressful on you or your skin. These are just a few of the numerous Aveda products designed to soothe and purify skin. Using these products can help improve your skin and your own well being when it comes to stress.

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